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Integrating Left and Right Brain Consciousness and Healing through 


LEARN the Whole Health Dental Program


A holistic approach to the health of the mouth teeth and gums reflected through the balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The new age of Dentistry is here.

Regeneration is possible with energy and consciousness. 

I am offering an opportunity to experience and learn the foundation of dentistry as it relates to the body mind spirit connection.


Holistic Dentistry is far more than white fillings or replacing amalgam fillings and removing root canals. 

While these procedures may be part of positive whole body healing, they do not necessarily address

the underlying physical and metaphysical stress patterns that underpin many general health and dental health problems.


It has always been a goal of mine to empower people to be able to provide a service that compliments the clinical dental work. 

Through this new body of work I have developed, a whole health approach to dental well being that enables anyone, practitioner

or individual with the inclination and desire to take responsibility for their experience  

and learn to how to regenerate and heal their physical body.


It does not necessarily replace the need for dental work but rather compliments dentistry and in an ideal sense reduces the need for dental intervention.


LEVEL ONE includes....

The Philosophy and Practice of Conscious Whole Health Dentistry.

Understanding the dynamics of Energy Healing and the subtle anatomy of the chakra and meridian systems

Protocols and processes to develop your own innate healing ability, 

and to be able to Identify and heal imbalances relating to mouth, teeth, jaw, and gums, returning balance to the body mind and spirit


LEVEL TWO includes...

In depth overview of the physical and metaphysical imbalances as they relate to Dental Stress

- Nutritional, Structural, Emotional, Mental, Consciousness, Electromagnetic...


PRE-REQUISITE: experience in Kinesiology or Whole Health module

ENQUIRES: email Dr Jon

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