Integrating Left and Right Brain Consciousness and Healing with



A truly holistic approach to the health of the mouth teeth and gums reflected in the balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Holistic Dentistry is far more than white fillings or replacing amalgam fillings and removing root canals.

While these procedures may be part of positive whole body healing, they do not necessarily address the

Underlying physical and metaphysical stress patterns undermining many general health and dental health problems.


A Whole Health Session addresses the current energy dynamic and implements an opportunity for healing and balance in:


•  Gum inflammation and dis-ease.

• Personalized Amalgam detoxification protocols

• Nutritional and Supplement profiles for regeneration and /or support of ongoing Treatment

• Fear and past trauma of the dental experience

• Second Opinion with and OPG


It does not necessarily replace the need for dental work but rather compliments any dental treatment



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