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Dr Jon’s unique new oral product line,

takes a holistic approach to healing and supporting the health of the mouth teeth and gums.


The treatment preparations are designed to restore equilibrium, regenerate and restore,

activating your own natural healing rhythms,

with effects felt through the whole body mind spirit experience.


Vegan Friendly • Suitable for all ages


Healthy Mouth Polish

to cleanse and replenish

Gently cleanses and refreshes the mouth teeth and gums and assists in remineralising the teeth.

25gm glass jar


Tooth Tonic

to fortify and support

Formulated to restore the structural integrity of the teeth, users have reported

a strengthening and desensitising in the first days of using it

15ml glass dropper bottle 


Gum Remedy

to relieve and regenerate

Formulated to relieve inflammation and regenerate the gums, this has had nothing but praise and smiles.

Recommended at any stage of gum disease

15ml glass dropper bottle


Teething Remedy

to soothe and pacify

Formulated to relax the mouth and gums while the teeth are erupting.

Mothers who have used it report a settling and quietening of the child,

a welcome respite from the pain and restlessness often associated with the teeth coming in

15ml glass dropper bottle


Trauma Remedy

to heal and restore

Formulated to clear the imprint of shock  associated with dental trauma,

use for past or present experiences to change future expectations,

heals and seals a distressed energy field, reinforcing a sense of grounding and presence.

15ml glass dropper bottle


**we make no therapeutic claims with these products

our words are based on our experience and those of our clients

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