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Dr Jon graduated from Sydney Uni with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1983


After travel in Europe and working in England as a Dentist, and then settled in his home town of Sydney and began practicing Clinical Dentistry.


This is where the journey for him really began


In the 90’s, Dr Jon developed a chronic pain in his left wrist.

After extensive tests and many medical opinions, he was resigned to the fact that this would be something he would just have to live with.  


A friend invited him to go to a meditation night where after experiencing going within, he left the meeting no longer feeling any pain

and in a deep state of relaxation. He began daily yoga and meditation practices and the pain has never returned.


His mind now opened to a new way of seeing, the mechanics of Dentistry only took him so far and he began to see and understand the correlation of

imbalance in the body and the person’s dental and general health. 


He furthered his interest in studying various modalities including Touch for Health, PKP, 3 in One, Concepts, NOT

and became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1996. 


He also spent time travelling, learning from master healers and shamen the art of understanding and using energetic healing

which added to the results he was getting with Kinesiology and Clinical dentistry.


In 2004 he studied Blood Chemistry and Free Radical Therapy with Sam Queen and completed Kinesiopathy 1 with Andrew Verity,

a combination of Kinesiology and Homeopathy which he developed further  in the context of dental healing.


Always looking for new ideas and technology, Dr Jon’s research brought him to the Avatar Bio-Feedback Electrodermal Screening System

which has helped him to offer a more complete treatment system within the Holistic model of treating the whole being in the context of healing,

treating the mind body and spirit in the pursuit of a healthy mouth


The application and use of these skills in his practice of Dentistry has been an integral part of him developing a truly holistic mode of treatment

that can be used as a model to integrate mainstream medicine with alternative health practice


Over a decade ago he moved to Byron Bay to create a lifestyle for himself and his family.

Apart from the beautiful surroundings and special energy of the area, the idea of a community that cared about its direction and how it lives

was an attraction that he wanted to be a part of and contribute to -

through both his own surgery, the Byron Dental Centre and later working with others in the area


 He wants to debunk previous perceptions of dental experience and create a new paradigm in thinking about dental treatment and

how the mouth can be a reflection of what is going on the body, therefore the health of the mouth to be considered a vital part of wellbeing. 

He is a Virgo with a Libran Rising and an Aquarius Moon 


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