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Whole Health kicks off with great success

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Whole Health and Wellbeing Session

I just completed my first Whole Health Dental workshop with a fantastic group of 16 people organised through the NK Institute in Murwillumbah.

The students, who attended the class both live and online from around Australia via ZOOM, have all had a variety of experience in Kinesiology setting up a great space to explore new paradigms and possibilities for the regeneration of the mouth teeth and gums.

One of the attendees was the person who first taught me Touch for Health 1 in the mid 1990’s.

I felt touched and gratified that I was able to return the favour so to speak completing the exchange, with the workshop presenting the dynamics of merging Muscle testing, Energy healing and Dentistry.

It was so well received plans to hold a level 2 Dental Module of Whole Health for those who have completed level 1 are in motion for the coming months.

The vision and path for the future is an integrative, multi disciplined approach to the treatment and management of Dental Health Conditions, involving the mainstream dental profession with natural health practitioners working together rather than in separation.

The opportunity also exists now to share the Whole Health and Wellbeing process of health care to anyone who has the desire to learn how to look after their own wellbeing and integrate it into their daily life.

The Whole Health and Wellbeing workshop is presented as a standalone training without any prerequisite other than a desire for self healing and self empowerment. It also compliments a variety of health modalities including Naturopathy, Kinesiology, Body work, Psychology or Counselling.

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