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Integrating Healing Paradigms

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Dr Jon's Healthy Mouth Polish

The science of Dentistry is based on the Medical Model.

The essence of Holistic Therapy is the Energy Model.

The highlight is in recognizing the merit in both models and how they can compliment each other, which is how I practice Holistic Dentistry. It is inclusive and expansive rather than adversary and limiting.

Most of the opposition to Holistic Dentistry by the mainstream dental profession comes from lack of awareness. At the same time it is a times narrow minded to say that there is no place for conventional Dentistry.

There are a number of ways to integrate the 2 models together in the practice of Dentistry.

From the Medical model approach this includes, introducing the use of biocompatible materials (mercury and BPA free), ozone therapy, natural oral care – organic, flouride free tooth pastes and polishes, gum serums and mouth rinses.

The Energy Model uses kinesiology muscle testing to determine your unique formula of alchemy for nutrition, stress management and biocompatible materials, with optimum utilisation of support such as homeopathy, and vibrational healing remedies.

The Whole Health Dental protocol views the health of the mouth as a reflection of what is going on in the body, each tooth corresponds with a particular organ, gland, system and energy meridian.

Including this as part of the treatment protocol bridges the gap between allopathic and alternative treatments offering a holistic approach to the health and healing of the mouth teeth and gums. It addresses the underlying physical and metaphysical stress patterns that are the proven cause of many health problems experienced today.

To support and complement my protocols as a holistic dentist I have developed a range of products to support clinical treatment including

  • Alleviate anticipation of stress and anxiety prior to dental treatment

  • Post surgery support and healing

  • Treatment of specific dental ailments such as gum disease and remineralising through topical application and conscious oral care **

To discuss your individual needs or consult with Dr Jon,

Email : or Mobile: 0411 031 301 (Australia)

** Healthy Mouth Polish (featured above)

Healthy Mouth Polish gently cleanses and refreshes the mouth, teeth and gums and assists in remineralising teeth We are really excited for this product- it ticks all the boxes for a gentle mouth cleansing and replenishing experience.


Bentonite • Zeolite • Ghassoul • Green Clays

(green particulary is absorbing - cleansing and adsorbing: remineralising)

Baking Soda • Himalayan Salt • Nano Silver

Ormus Minerals: PGE Molybdenum • Fulvic Acid • PGE Gold • PGE Indium • SIlica • MSM • Stabilized Oxygen Concentrate • L-Arginine • L-Citruline •Fructo- Oligosaccharides (from Chicory • Liquid Enzymes

OIls of Cinnamon •Clove • Mastic • Neem • Peppermint Arvensis • Rose Otto • our own Coconut Oil extract of Reishi Mushroom

Serentiy Now Gem and Botanical Vibrational Healing Essence

Suitable for all ages, just a pearl drop size on the brush and off you go

Please note: we make no therapeutic claims we are just relating our experience

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