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  • Dr Jon Veranese

Philosophy of a Conscious Dental Solution

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

What is Holistic or Biological Dentistry?

There are 3 levels of care in Dentistry.

1.Primary Care 2. Holistic or Biological 3. Metaphysical

Each level has a place and can be designed to compliment and enhance the results achieved. It is my contention that we need to return to a broader understanding of the whole in order to satisfy the needs of the individual in relation to dentistry.

Traditional medicine is based on the Medical Model that focuses on treatment of symptoms resulting as the body degenerates. This is the first level of care covered by general dentistry. This includes the basics of restoring decayed, broken, missing teeth, removal of plaque and calculus, correction of poor alignment and impaction of teeth. I call this Primary Care Dentistry.

Alternative or Holistic Medicine is based on the Energy Model where Stress is the Issue.

This is the second level of care takes into account the whole body in the context of dentistry.

This level is about Systemic care and is based on a different philosophy by including and taking into consideration the impact and relationship between oral health and the health of the whole body.

The health of the mouth (teeth, gums, and jaw) impacts on the health of the body, and the health of the body impacts on the health of the mouth. This level includes treatment of dental disease as in primary care level with biocompatible materials and treatments to heal Dental Stress. This may include but is not necessarily limited to replacement of toxic dental materials, removal of chronic infections, correction of malocclusions and bite abnormalities. I call this Holistic or Biological Dentistry.

The Third Level of care is Metaphysical or body, mind, spirit care. For each physical dental condition there is a metaphysical cause. In dental Metaphysics the teeth represent the structure of life, and each tooth corresponds with a specific organ, gland, system, body part and acupuncture meridian. There is an emotion and belief pattern connected to each condition. This level includes bringing conscious awareness and healing to the cause of dental conditions on the body, mind, and spirit level. I call this Metaphysical Dentistry.

Why choose a Holistic Approach?

Dental Surgeon’s are trained to treat and care for conditions that present in the mouth relating to the teeth, gums and jaw. Progression in the profession is through specialisation of skills.

While these services may be required specialisation creates a narrowing of the field of understanding of the whole and learning more about less. By choosing a holistic approach with a Conscious Dentist you are making a commitment to having a healthier mouth and a healthier body.

To address this, I have developed a Whole Health Dental protocol called the Whole Health and Wellbeing Program.

It treats all 3 levels of care providing a means of reversing the process of degeneration to a state of regeneration.identifies areas of Dental Stress and provides Conscious Dental Solutions that combine the best of biocompatible clinical dentistry with advanced nutrition, energy healing and vibrational remedies to treat body, mind and spirit.This is more than just an opinion but a treatment plan that includes physical and metaphysical solutions.

I have great success with this protocol with Mercury Amalgam filling replacement and treatment of gum inflammation and dis-ease.

Can't get to see me in person but really want my expertise?

Email me to get the forms and instructions as to what I will need from you to give you a thorough

Whole Health Dental Assessment.

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