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Regeneration: of the Mouth, Teeth and Gums

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In general dentistry, the mainstream protocols offered do not facilitate regeneration.

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection, resulting from a disruption to the natural fluid pump within a tooth that protects the tooth from bacterial invasion.

Metaphysically, teeth represent the structure of one’s life so; tooth decay is related to a breakdown in the structure of your life.

It is whole body condition that can largely be attributed to a diet lacking quality nutrition. Nutrition means to be nourished, and each individual has their own unique alchemy.

Gum disease is caused by inflammation, technically, it is a sign of osteoporosis.

The body has a need to manage the inflammation that occurs due to poor nutrition, toxic exposure and stress.

In gum disease the structure of the tooth is fine however the supporting connective tissues including the ligament around the tooth, and the bone in the jaw needs to be broken down by the body in order to manage the inflammation.

Gum disease is also a whole body condition requiring removal of dietary and other factors that create the inflammation as well as topical treatment in the mouth that encourages healing the inflammation.

In dental metaphysics, the bone and gum tissue represent the support structures for the teeth so that gum disease represents a break down in that support, feeling unsupported, betrayed.

Degeneration is a condition that exists as a result of an ability to maintain optimal function and structure. So it would make sense then that regeneration involves returning to optimal function.

The holistic approach to degeneration is to address the upgrades metaphysically, through self reflection, creating a peace within, and physically, through detoxification of high sugar, low mineral diets, metals and other toxins and increase foods and products that upgrade the body, not just sustain it

I have been assisting my clients with individual protocols for regeneration with a Conscious Dental Solution. From designing a nutrition plan, to addressing the metaphysical aspects with products to facilitate remineralisation of tooth structure and manage inflammation of gum tissue.

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